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Since changing his diet i can see his skin improved he stopped itching. His skin flares up rarely. When is holiday we go to the seaside we stay for a 3 weeks. My friend brought me a Apple Cider Vinegar. After reading your comments I will try to use ACV. Hi 2hat does avc mean.

I have a newborn 5 weeks he developed it on his face and u per body looks very painfull. I had the condition aswell. Glad to hear someone mentioned no milk products. When my son was about 6 months old about the time I stopped nursing son developed a rash that started behind the knees followed by many ear infections.

Rashes all over legs etc. Years later taking a friend to the dentist I overheard one of the staff talking about her infant son with multiple ear infections and bad rash, doctors wanted to put tubes in his ears. I shared my story and she thanked me. Several months later revisiting the office she bout knocked me down to tell me what happened.

Took her son off milk and ear and skin issues vanished. Afew months later told her babysitter to give him some milk just to see what would happen and a couple hours later his skin broke out!!

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Son has a little girl now and Dr. Hope this could be helpful to someone! How long after no longer using dairy did it help? When my daughter had her first really bad breakout, my doctor thought it might be a food allergy, so we took her off dairy, gluten, eggs, and a number of other foods until we could get in with a dermatologist. When we saw the dermatologist about 4 weeks later, she had not improved at all.

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He suggested that none of those foods were a cause and to keep feeding them to her. Should we have continued to avoid them for longer than that? My son suffers from this and has since he was about 8mo. Then it didnt work anymore i have used everything i know. Nothing helps. He is miserable!! I have found a shampoo in the baby isle called burts bees and it has helped some but as long as i give him a bath in it every night he dont itch as bad,but its still there and he still has the itching and burning. I just tried this vinager and water im praying it helps. My youngest son and I have dealt with the same issue.

Fruit flies can be a real pain, but there are ways to fight back.

Feel free to email me if you want. Glenjennwhatley yahoo. Is it fine to use apple cider vinegar for my 10 months old baby? Because he also suffer for eczema.

My son had terrible eczema at only a few months old. We took him off milk and gave him soya milk. It cleared up the eczema in 2 or 3 weeks. Please let me know how it helps your son. My baby is suffering from eczema as well.

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I mean Psychological help, medical help…. I have derrmatatis on my legs for so many years. I had try everything, but nothing works for me. I know it does work. It also is good for your hair, especially your losing or have fine hair thin. My daughter use it all the time and she got beautiful hair. I have learned through my eczema that it is internal If you can change your diet and make your body more Alkaline it does help. Most people think that if you put something on the outside of your body that it will someday be a cure. Do a total body detox. You can purchase this at a health food store.

It will take any where from 2 weeks to several months depending on how long you have had eczema. I have bought an ionizer. It is a water filter that as the water runs through it it adds oxygen.


Oxygen is then carried to the blood and heals the body. Also Garlic will help a lot. Well this how old I am. And I shall try both. I praying it helps. What is the recipe for the homemade brown sugar and olive oil. Lotta year-old father is suffering from this eczema.

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I would appreciate some help. My email is boontrail gmail.

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Bag Balm! We grew up on a farm and then a dairy. We had this stuff in our medicine cabinet always, as did my grandparents. Good luck all! Eczema is caused by a sick digestive system and malfunctioning gut. Undigested foods and harmful bacteria leak out of the gut and into the bloodstream causing eczema as well as A. Creams and topical treatment will help relieve the burn and itch for a short while but the only way to truly heal eczema forever is by following a special gut healing diet.

The GAPS diet is so far the only diet with an amazing success rate for treating and healing all of the above. Google it, go to their website, and read the book. It will change your life forever. Anyway i also tried many a prescribed creams and such and natural remedies of which raw braggs apple cider vinegar not any store brought ACV because it will not have the good probiotics in it that are the main component in healing both internally and externally—the probiotic is that fuzzy cloudy stuff you see on the bottle of true apple cider vinegar.

However as MIR above has stated you will never cure your eczema this way. I started on the GAPS heal your diet roughly 8 months ago. I started with the introduction diet 3 months prior to the spring season where i blow up like a ballon suffering from pollen, grasses, trees-you name it! When i started the diet I also got off my allergy shots. Here comes the shocking part! This past spring season I experienced just a sniffle and an itch here and there and thats all!

About 6 months into the diet my eczema completely cleared up.